Projects. There are many, but these are mine.

The projects below are listed in reverse-chronological order, and are independent of coursework required for the data-analytics bootcamp. My GitHub (link at bottom of the page) contains a more exhaustive list of projects, including coursework.

Beer Recommendations App

Why pick a beer at random and you can let a machine pick one for you?

Tags: Python Pandas SQL K-Means Javascript Interactive Plotly

Lyrics 'n Genres: A Machine Learning Analysis

Coming soon!
An analysis of the relationship of lyrics and the genre to which the song belongs.

Tags: Python Pandas SQL Analysis Scikit-Learn

Analysis of Oklahoma Earthquakes

An analysis of the effect of waste water injection on seismicity in Oklahoma.

Tags: Python Pandas Plotly SQL Analysis Scikit-Learn

Interactive Map of Oklahoma Earthquakes

Following this link takes you to an interactive map displaying earthquakes in Oklahoma per year, from 2006 to July 2021. This is part of a larger project analyzing the correlation between wastewater injection and increased seismicity in Oklahoma.

Tags: Python Pandas Plotly SQL Interactive

Chords in a Key

For this project, the user inputs the they desired musical key and a fret range; the diatonic chords for the selected key that are within the fret range are returned.

Tags: Python Interactive

Guitar Chord Finder

For this project, the user inputs the frets for each string of a guitar, and the chord name, if any, entered will be returned, along with the chord structures for the root note entered.

Tags: Python Interactive

Superfund Site Locator

This project returns a list of EPA Superfind Sites within 50 miles of the input address.

Tags: Python Pandas API Interactive

Adding Numbers

Two input integers are added together.

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