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About Me

I'm a Professional Geologist currently working my way though the data analytics bootcamp through the University of Texas. Prior to starting the bootcamp, I worked in environmental consulting as a geologist, primarily on characterization and remediation of EPA Superfund Sites.

My previous roles were heavy on report writing, field sampling, logistical preparation for field events, and subcontractor oversight. However, my background includes quite a bit of data analysis: It involves quantitative analysis of material composition, analyzing temporal and spatial contamination trends, statistical analysis of remediation goals and benchmarks, and visualization of all the aformentioned data.

Numbers and analysis of data has always been the more engaging part of my job so I enrolled in a data analytics camp to formally learn data analytical techniques and software to compliment my analytical background, and ultimately pivot into a more data-centric role.

yikes, this is embrassing...

Hiking in the Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

  • Python - Pandas, Plotly, Scikit Learn, TensorFlow
  • APIs and JSON - Spotify, United States Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency, MapBox, OpenWeatherMap
  • Django; web app deployment to Linux server
  • HTML and CSS
  • SQL - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, and Python-Database interaction
  • Tableau
  • Excel and VBA
  • Some R and Javascript
  • Plus, 5 years' experience in environmental consulting

University of Texas - Data Analytics Certificate, October 2021
University of Oklahoma - Master of Science in Geology, 2016
Texas A&M University - Bachelor of Science in Geology, 2014


Scanning electron microscope (SEM) microtextural analysis as a paleoclimate tool for fluvial deposits: A modern test


Profesional Geologist, California No. 9800

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